Thank You Gifts For Nurses

Nurses are so important to us, and have a really difficult job sometimes. They may feel unappreciated even though a lot of nurses end up really changing patients lives. Show your appreciation for your favorite nurse with these awesome Thank You Gifts For Nurses.

Thank You Gifts For Nurses

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A small gesture can go a long way when it comes to people who serve and help you. These nurses gifts are great to show your thankfulness to them. Think of a great gift they can wear proudly or use at work, so they are always reminded that someone out there is thankful for all the hard work they have done.

Difference Maker Bracelet

This bracelet sums up a nurses job description in just 2 words…”Difference Maker”. We’re sure your nurse was a difference maker in your situation, so share with her what you think with this beautiful bracelet.

Willow Tree “Thank You” Angel

A Willow Tree angel is always a great option. With a simple Thank You heart she’s holding, your nurse will appreciate the thought and be able to display this in their house or at their nurses station.

Personalized Nurse Tumbler

Probably our favorite gift on this list! A personalized tumbler with their name and a stethoscope. These water bottle tumblers will be put to great use, as nurses need to keep up their water intake at work all day. This will sure be the talking point of all the nurses!

Nursing Key Chain

This stainless steel keychain shows your nurse exactly what you think. It’s engraved with the saying “Nursing Is A Work Of Heart”. Perfect thank you gift for your nurse who puts their heart into their work.

Nurse Necklace

This sweet necklace has a stainless steel chain with a beautiful angel wings charm. It comes on a card stating “Nurses Are Angels On Earth”. She can wear this necklace while she is at work and remember how important her job really is.

Journal Gift For Nurses

Give your favorite nurse this journal that says “A Great Nurse Is Hard To Find and Impossible To Forget”. They can use this at work each day and be reminded how thankful you are for the work they do.

Funny Nurse Gifts Mug & Wine Set

Any nurse will get a kick out of this gift set! A coffee mug for before they even start their shift, and a wine glass to enjoy after their shift. It the “before patients” and “after patients” gift set!

Beyond Blessed Angel: Appreciation Gift For Nurses

This angel comes with a sweet card about how blessed you are that they came into your life. Not only a beautiful message, but an angel they can hang in the house, in their car, or at their nurses station to see everyday.

Medical Appreciation Card Set

Sometimes all it takes is a quick note to share your appreciation for someone and what they have done for you. This item comes in a set of 4, so you can write a personal note to each nurse or dr. that helped you through.

Nursing Lunch Box Gift

Get them the coolest lunch box at work! Lots of nurses take their lunch or dinner to work to have on their breaks, so this insulated lunch tote is perfect. It comes in 4 different styles/colors.

Nurse Keychain Gift

A keychain that says “we appreciate you”, is a small but very thoughtful gift to give your nurse. This keychain has a sweet rose gold heart and stethoscope charms. Your nurse will love adding this appreciation gift to their keyring to be reminded each day.

Thank You Gourmet Cookie Gifts

If you happen to have lots of different nurses and staff you want to show your appreciation to, this gourmet cookie gift set is a great option. Who doesn’t like a delicious treat with a quick thank you?! You can order these in 1, 2, 3, or 4 dozen quantities.

Nurses Coin

A beautiful small gesture is this little coin they can put in their pocket each day to serve as a reminder of what they do for people. This comes in a set of 6 so you can share your appreciation for each nurse who has helped you out.

Gift Set For Nurses

The perfect gift set for your nurse. This set comes with a thank you card, a cute small sign they can display at their desk that says “Nursing, the hardest job you’ll ever love”, and a water bottle with a straw stating “nursing is a work of heart.”

Nurse Bracelet Thank You Gift

This beautiful bracelet is sure to be a hit. With a very inspiring message stating “Brave enough to care, strong enough to inspire”. She will love this adjustable rose gold bracelet with diamond rhinestones.

Nurse Gift Set

We are loving this gift set for nurses. It comes with a black canvas tote and matching water bottle that say “we appreciate you” with a heart and stethoscope. It also comes with a bag of delicious funky chunky popcorn. This gift set is all ready to give your favorite nurse.

Set of Aromatherapy Candles

Nurses have really stressful jobs at times. Give your nurse some relaxation candles to enjoy when they get home to destress. These candles come in a pack of 4 tin travel candles, so she can enjoy lots of different scents.

Nurses Call The Shots Water Bottle

This funny water bottle is the perfect pun for nurses. “Nurses call the Shots!” Your nurse will love the humor in this special gift.

Funny Nurse Gift Shot Glass

This hilarious shot glass will make your nurse laugh out loud. Nurses definitely need shots too…but maybe a different kind of shot!

Funny Nurses Tote Bag

What a perfect gift for a trauma nurse. This tote bag shares she’s a “Trauma Queen” all about that nurses life! There are 9 different colors with different messaging as well, so click below to see all the options available.

Nurse Poster Gift

What a beautiful gift to give your nurse! It’s personalized with their name at the bottom and options for framing. It has Proverbs 31:13 and some hand-drawn looking art. Definitely a gift your nurse would love to hang in their house or work space.

Nurse Shelf Sign

A perfect reminder that your nurse is actually a superhero in your eyes. This sign is perfect for any shelf and states “Not All SuperHeroes Wear Capes Some Wear Scrubs.” We totally agree!

Nurse Coffe Mug : Personalized Gift For Nurses

Get them a personalized mug with their name and a stethoscope. They’ll be able to have their own mug at work that’s labeled just for them.

Nurse Makeup Bag

For those fabulous nurses, gift her this fun makeup bag that she can use at work or at home. Sharing she’s not just a normal nurse, she’s a unicorn nurse!

Funny Nurse Sign

We know several nurses who would love to proudly display this right at their nurses station. It’s a great conversation starter and everyone will get a kick out of it!

Nurses Socks

These decorative socks come in 3 different styles and colors. They’re the perfect cozy gift your nurse can wear during a long day at the hospital.

Nurse Ornament

This ornament is for a special nurse and has a special message engraved. They can use this on their Christmas tree, hanging from their desk, in their car, or anywhere they want to see it each day.

You’re Awesome Nurses Gift Set

This gift set comes with a vacuum insulated tumbler and matching keychain. They both say “Sometimes You Forget That You are Awesome, so Here’s Your Reminder.”

Precious Moments Mini Figurine

This sweet Precious Moments angel says “I am thankful for you”. It’s the perfect gift for your nurses nursing station, so they are always reminded how much they mean.

Keychain Gift For Nurses

Show them you think they are the “Best Nurse Ever” with this keychain. They can use this every day to always see that someone out there thinks they are the best!

BONUS: Awesome Nurse Mugs

A coffee mug is always a great gift, as nurses can use them while they’re getting ready for work, while they’re at work, and when they get home. Lots of nurses work very odd hours, so coffee can be an essential part of their daily routines.

We found some really great mugs for nurses, so we wanted to list some of our favorites here for you to check out as well, if you choose to go this route.